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  • The Big Frog Goood Moorinin Shirt
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  • The Blaze January/February 2015 (Vol. 5, Issue 1)
    Item #: BXAM424
    It used to be that the American Left was famous for the free speech movement. Censorship was the only word they found appalling. But things have changed—drastically.

    Today, the progressive Left will make you pay for speaking your mind.

    Whether it’s their opposition to the Citizens United case or liberal universities’ “free speech zones” or the FCC’s attempts to regulate the Internet, the progressive Left has shown it is no longer concerned with restricting just our constitutionally protected speech—it is at odds with the very premise that Americans may speak their minds at all.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Plus, you do not want to miss the takedown of the federal government’s most secretive agency by TheBlaze’s own Fred Lucas. He exposes the major players behind the EPA’s schemes to obfuscate and hide the truth and their efforts to take down anyone who would dare to demand transparency.

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  • The Big Frog 109.9 Shirt
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  • The Blaze December 2014 (Vol. 4, Issue 10)
    Item #: BXAM422
    The Untied States’ southern border has become a horror show—for Americans who live there, Border Patrol agents trying to do their jobs and thousands of illegal aliens who have fallen for a lie.

    The only winners in this are the Mexican criminal elements smuggling people, drugs and weapons across the border and America’s corrupt politicians with there personal agendas.

    TheBlaze’s Sara Carter offers a first-hand account of what she has found at the border and interviews the men dedicating their lives to protect our country.

    And you won’t want to miss a special piece that details an amazing group of Americans who are changing the lives of abused children across the country. They’re unpaid, unknown and unwavering in their efforts to save kids in the worst-of-worst situations.

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  • Mercury Studios T-Shirt
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  • The Blaze November 2014 (Vol. 4, Issue 9)
    Item #: BXAM315
    Left-wing progressives would have us believe there’s a “War on Women.” Somehow, men—especially conservative men—are oppressing females everywhere. These same low-IQ Neanderthals allegedly are also destroying the world. But what’s the truth?

    The feminist movement is trying to destroy American masculinity, because they know that, in order to establish its dream Marxist society, men must be marginalized. And their buddies in the media and in politics are happy to play along.

    Now there’s a men’s rights movement that’s seeking to recover what has been lost.

    And don’t miss the incredible story of a visionary who took a risk to save the lives of thousands of preemies. His invention and how it came to be is a lesson for everyone on the power of capitalism and the beauty of preserving life.
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  • The Blaze, June 2014 (Vol. 4, Issue 5)
    Item #: BXAM275
    Texas is the chief target and big electoral prize for America’s liberal progressives, as shown by the millions of dollars they’ve invested in a ground game there and their push for amnesty for illegal aliens. Should they flip the Lone Star State from red to blue, small-government conservatives shouldn’t expect to see serious electoral victories for decades to come.

    But there’s good news: A movement is afoot to turn back the gathering progressive horde.

    Plus, Mark Levin and other freedom lovers are working to use the Constitution to save the Constitution. We all know the federal leviathan must be stopped— thankfully, the Founders gave us a way to take back the power the feds have stolen.

    Get the full story in the June issue.
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  • The Blaze - Dallas Versus the World T-Shirt
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    Wear your Dallas pride. Show the world we mean business.

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  • The Blaze - Dallas Versus the World Women's T-Shirt
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    Wear your Dallas pride. Show the world we mean business.

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  • The Blaze, May 2014 (Vol. 4, Issue 4)
    Item #: BXAM258
    Common Core. The term itself has become a trigger for alarm for parents and educators nationwide. But why?

    In the May 2014 issue of TheBlaze Magazine, we show you the progressive education scheme in action—from leftist indoctrination to data-mining systems to emphasis on the collective over the individual.

    We expose why Common Core is a threat to our kids, our freedom and our future.

    Plus, you don’t want to miss our special feature on nuclear power and how it could save the economy. It’s clean and powerful, efficient and reliable, but we’ve been taught to fear it.
    • $4.00
  • The Blaze, April 2014 (Vol. 4, Issue 3)
    Item #: BXAM254
    The People’s Republic of China is holding much of our national debt, buying up American businesses, growing its military and investing in ways to “de-Americanize” the world. Many in the United States fear we’re now playing second fiddle to an expanding Chinese powerhouse.

    There’s still hope if we don’t want to fall behind Red China—but we’ve got work to do.

    Plus: Meet DeVon Franklin, a Christian Hollywood executive who is doing everything he can to keep God at the center of everything.

    And you won’t want to miss our interview with Mike Rowe. He tells us what it would take to get him to run for office.
    • $4.00
  • The Blaze, March 2014 (Vol. 4, Issue 2)
    Item #: BXAM251
    Two constitutionalists enter the cage. Only one can win.

    They can't both be president.

    If Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz run for the White House in 2016, the establishment GOP will go crazy.

    Can either man win? Will they split the Right?

    What would the fight mean for the elections?

    Plus, check out our special look at the Honor Flight Network—an organization working to get American heroes to D.C. to visit the memorials built in their honor and to be recognized by a nation that wants to pay its respects.
    • $4.00
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