1791 Being George Washington Combo
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1791 Being George Washington Combo

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Being George Washington Journal

Take the BEING GEORGE WASHINGTON Challenge! It's time to stop reading about our history and instead start experiencing it for ourselves. With the release of BEING GEORGE WASHINGTON, Glenn is challenging us to read the story of America's most indispensable man and then to live it. Every day for one year.

I Am George Washington T-shirt

"Deeds not words"

We all want to be better, but many times our actions fall far short of our rhetoric. George Washington was able to live a principled life because he constantly reminded himself it was all about deeds not words. Identify the areas in your life that break your chain and work to make the chain whole again. Let this shirt serve as a constant reminder of the person you want to be and the areas of your life that need to be addressed. Fixing America begins when we fix ourselves - and when we become people of deeds, not words.

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100% Cotton
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