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Glenn Beck Fusion August 2005 Volume 1 Issue 2 PDF
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Glenn Beck Fusion August 2005 Volume 1 Issue 2 PDF

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Our first issue that was mailed to subscribers! This issue was themed as our “Rights & Responsibilities” issue, with a heavy focus on the responsibilities. We feature a predictive obit on JK Rowling, a new “Bill of Responsibilities,” and a feature by Stu entitled “Nice Guys are Losers.”
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  • Glenn Beck Fusion April 2006 Volume 1 Issue 9
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    Welcome to GB TV! In celebration of our new television show on CNN Headline News, we decided to dedicate an issue to not only our show but to Hollywood in general. Specifically, we try to answer the age-old question: why does Hollywood suck? The issue features a great, thought provoking article on an anti-American movie called Valley of the Wolves: Iraq, featuring two of America’s greatest D-list actors. We also include a quiz where you’ll have to try to determine whether celebrities or terrorists are responsible for various nauseating quotes. Trust us; it’s not as easy as you think. To give you a sneak peak behind the scenes of the TV show, we include pieces like Twenty Questions where we demonstrate the kind of hard hitting questions we’ll be asking our guests. Finally, the whole Glenn Beck staff has reviewed the TV show and made predictions how long it will won’t believe what some (now former) staff members had to say.
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  • Glenn Beck Fusion October 2006 Volume 2 Issue 4
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    It's the Scariest Issue Ever! Yea, even scarier than last year's "Scariest Issue Ever!" In this issue we bring you the second edition of the five scariest scenarios in the world. This time we cover short circuits in the power grid, an economic collapse, Hugo Chavez, the lack of private plane security and the threat of biological warfare. We also have the first installment in our alternative energy series and this time we're talking about turning coal into fuel. If all of that is too serious for you, check out our "End of Western Civilization Fantasy League." A play on fantasy football, this game is sure to spark some arguments around the office and as a subscriber you'll be able to keep tabs on the teams that Glenn, Stu, Dan and Sarah drafted. Also, don't miss Glenn's guide to building a safe house and Stu's article in which he unveils the lucky winner of his "Dictator of the Century Award."
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  • Glenn Beck Fusion October 2007 Volume 3 Issue 4
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    It's the Scariest Issue Ever! Well, at least since last year. In this issue we bring you the third edition of the five scariest scenarios in the world. This time we cover America’s Entitlement programs, Hillary Clinton’s disastrous health care plan (because really, why not add another entitlement program?), the evils of Russia (by Ted Bell, who actually traveled to Moscow), the collapse of the dollar and the threat of terrorist attacks on American schools. But if all of that is too serious for you then check out the second edition of Fusion’s "PlayHag" centerfold. We’re not sure if you’ll cry or scream with this one – but regardless, it will scare you straight, and you definitely won't be putting it up on your wall. Also, Stu takes us behind the government’s smokescreen on cigarettes, bestselling author Christopher Reich tackles the latest "7 Days" chapter and Robert F. Kennedy gets a global warming makeover.
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  • Glenn Beck Fusion October 2008 Volume 4 Issue 4
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    This month we feature the second part of our exclusive jailhouse-interview with Jose Compean and Ignacio 'Nacho' Ramos. In this issue we talk with Ignacio Ramos who takes us back to that infamous day in 2005 where a single decision altered the lives of many forever. We also present our annual series "The Scariest Scenarios in the World." From honeybees to cyber attacks, after reading this you'll realize nothing is safe anymore. And just in case that series doesn't scare you enough, we throw in some upcoming Supreme Court cases that will make you cry, scream and panic all in one breath.
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  • Glenn Beck Fusion April 2008 Volume 3 Issue 9
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    Happy Earth Day! In this issue we feature a piece on Earth Day that can’t be missed. We cut through the pop culture myths and scientific theories to figure out why and how we started celebrating the Earth. We also have an amazing article about Bohemian Grove (you know, the supposed place where all the political big wigs meet to plan how they’re going to take over the world). Author Jon Ronson takes us behind the scenes of this infamous meeting and shares his thoughts on all the conspiracy theories floating around out there (and puts some of them to rest in the process). We also continue our fiction serial, “7 Days” with best-selling author Andrew Gross. And Stu talks about why the New York Times shouldn’t review country music concerts.
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  • Glenn Beck Fusion October 2005 Volume 1 Issue 4
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    The Scariest Issue Ever! From the picture of President Hillary Clinton on the front, to the “Be Glenn Beck for Halloween” mask on the back, this issue will scare you from cover to cover. Other highlights include the highly controversial article, “The Worst Candies Ever,” along with “The Most Non-Frightening Movie Killers of All Time.” We also include a three page spread on some real life Scary Scenarios and Stu finally comes out of the closet with a startling revelation.
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  • Glenn Beck Fusion November 2005 Volume 1 Issue 5
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    What are we thankful for? It's not what you think! This issue has a four page spread detailing the 12 things we can't live without! We also do an investigation into the Thanksgiving scene portrayed in the Norman Rockwell painting Freedom from Want…what was life in the 1950's REALLY like? Glenn also reveals his cherished family recipes, including the semi-famous ""Glenn’s Gravy"" concoction. Other highlights of the issue are a history of the World Wide Web, fool-proof excuses to leave the holiday dinner table, and a rant by Stu on his hatred of clichés.
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  • Glenn Beck Fusion December 2005 Volume 1 Issue 6
    Item #: BXDD06
    Christmas at Full Power! The ultimate gift-giving guide from members of the Glenn Beck staff. We feature 33 products that we'd actually want to receive this holiday season. We also format one page of electronic gifts to look like the fictional "Oh!" woman's magazine. The theory was that guys could tear this page out and show it to their wives so that the advice looks to be more credible. Our predictive obit this month is atheist Michael Newdow and Stu decides to publish an extremely sarcastic look at the holidays, as written by a psychopath. This issue also includes Glenn's coveted idea for the greatest revenge or joke gift ever. It's called "You Can do so much Better than Fruitcake!" and you won't believe his plan.
    • $3.50
  • Glenn Beck Fusion July/August 2007 Volume 3 Issue 2
    Item #: BXDD22
    Why do we love America? If you sometimes have a hard time remembering then this issue is for you. Even if you can remember, this issue is still for you because we found some pretty obscure reasons and -- well, because we’re capitalists and we want your money (what’s more American than that?) This issue is all about fighting back against the senseless criticism that the U.S. has been receiving lately. From not being charitable enough to the war in Iraq – we counter the criticism with something that most critics don't like to talk about: the facts. We also pay tribute to the great American hamburger by interviewing the family that invented this great dietary staple and we reveal our favorite burger joints from around the country. Rounding out the issue is a "predictive obit" mourning freedom of speech, a summer reading assignment from Stu and a great new chapter in our serial novel "7 Days" by New York Times best-selling author Kyle Mills.
    • $3.50
  • Glenn Beck Fusion October 2009 Volume 5 Issue 4
    Item #: BXDD47
    Our annual "Scariest Issue Ever" is back and it's scarier than ever! This year we expose how the government is trying to control our food supply, our cars, our children's education, well…you get the point. This Big Brother themed issue is packed with so many terrifying facts you'll think you’ve stepped into the fictional Orwellian world of Oceania complete with the Ministry of Plenty, Ministry of Truth and telescreens. Also in the issue, Nelson DeMille continues the story of Nick in 7 Days and Stu tells you the truth about how the stimulus package is really helping the unemployed.
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