Bold & Fresh Tour 2010 DVD
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Bold & Fresh Tour 2010 DVD

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It's Bold! It's Fresh! It's Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck on stage together. Need we say anything more?

The Bold and Fresh Tour is a live event not to be missed. A mix between the nightly news and a professional wrestling match, this over the top, in your face DVD is jam packed with more than two hour of footage from their sold out show in Tampa, Florida. Not only do you get all the news, views and insights from Bill and Glenn on stage by themselves, but you also get every second of their much talked about Q&A session... a no-holds-barred second act featuring the kind of honesty that will knock you off your easy chair. But if that still leaves you wanting more, don't worry. This DVD also features exclusive commentary by Bill and Glenn... about each other. Item #: BXAM102
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