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Glenn Beck Sick Twisted Freak Keychain
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Glenn Beck Sick Twisted Freak Keychain

Item #: BXAM016
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Our Official Glenn Beck Sick Twisted Freak Keychain!

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    An invasion is underway. The shocking new documentary from GBTV, Rumors of War III: Target U.S. provides irrefutable evidence of the attack on the United States currently being perpetrated by the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah. And, the scariest part? It's happening right before our eyes. Don't miss this exclusive documentary, get your copy today!
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    Glenn has warned that the Occupy Wall Street movement would pivot to a new place sometime this spring. We’re going to go ahead and take this to a different place. Don’t Occupy Wall Street...Occupy Love. Made in the USA. 100% Cotton Net proceeds from sales of this item will go to benefit Mercury One.
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    A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation ( Please see below for details about the photo book. For information about special discounts for bulk purchases of any Glenn Beck book title please email us at
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    I went to Israel not as a tourist, but as a seeker. I went to seek an example of courage in the face of unspeakable evil. I went because I knew that Israel is a place where the largest daily struggle is just to live normally without fear, without rockets, without terror. In Israel, you see what it really means to choose life, to choose goodness, to choose to follow the light against incredible odds. That's why the title of this book is WE ARE BROTHERS; Every free man and woman on the planet today is a brother or a sister of Israel; it's a single family of freedom and life. It's time for all of us to decide which side we are on; to know what we really stand for and what we believe in before we are put to the ultimate test. I know where I stand: with freedom, with goodness, with courage. I stand with Israel. I hope you will join me. -Glenn Beck This coffee table quality photo book will be a keepsake in your family for decades to come. At 10.5x12 inches in size, WE ARE BROTHERS is a big, beautiful book made from the finest materials. For information about special discounts for bulk purchases of any Glenn Beck book title please email us at
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